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Ayurveda, the science of life, has been an intrinsic part of Kerala for thousands of years. It claims to being amongst the oldest and most comprehensive holistic healing methods of the world. Fundamentally Ayurveda as a system, is based up on the theory of perfect harmony of the 'Thridoshas' or three factors viz. 'Vatha' 'Pitha' and 'Kapha'. Ayurveda aims at restoring and maintaining the natural equilibrium through a  judicial application of natural herbals, massages, special diets, body therapies etc.
There are packages to undergo Ayurvedic Treatment while you visit Guruvayur as a pilgrim. There are lot of very good Ayurvedic hospital near to Guruvayur. Since you can experience both holistic and healthy feeling by this program.
Ayurvedic Hospitals near Guruvayur:

Rajah Island and Ayurvedic Hospital - (20 min to reach)

Vaidya Madam - (45 min to reach)


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