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Dear Advertiser,

Welcome to, the most famous web portal about Guruvayur-the temple town of Kerala. can accommodate different banner sizes at different positions of the website.

size of banners :
 Top banner - 400 x 70 pixels
    Side banner (large) - 90 x 250 pixels
    Side banner (standard) - 90 x 125 pixels

Position of Ads

Rate for one month
Rate for one year
 Home page top 5000.00 40000.00
 Home page side (large) 3500.00 28000.00
 Home Page side (standard) 2000.00 16000.00
 Chapter home top 2000.00 16000.00
 Chapter home side -large 1500.00 12000.00
 Chapter home side -standard --------- 8000.00
 Inner page top --------- 5000.00
 Inner page side -standard --------- 3000.00
 e-directory listing & email


 e-album - wedding  Rs 1000/- per album (six months duration)
 e-album - events  Rs  500/- per album (six months duration)


 Please send your company details and contact information.

 Company name  
 Contact Person  
 Type of banner/service required  
 Clarifications if required  


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